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Because words don't grow on trees.

I'm Lacey Middlestead, professional freelance writer for hire. I'll write your content, press releases, blogs, articles and more so you don't have to!

Bringing your business, story and ideas to word at a time.

Writing Services 



Looking to add a blog to your company/personal website? Let me write the content.


Looking to share a unique story about an event, place, or individual? Wanting to highlight a new employee or promote your business? Need to write an obituary memorializing a loved one? Let me craft articles for newspapers, magazines, and other forums.

Feature Articles


Content Writing 

New Website? Press Releases? Company Newsletter? I can write content for all these and more!

Meet  The Writer

I read a quote by Cheryl Strayed once that said, “The useless days will add up to something. The crappy waitressing jobs. The hours writing in your journal. The long meandering walks. The hours reading poetry and story collections and novels…these things are your becoming.” This site is the beautiful product of countless numbers of seemingly useless jobs, activities and days. It is part of the larger dream I’ve always had of becoming a writer. It is with great pride and excitement that I welcome you to my writing website.


I have long held a passion for the written word and nothing brings me greater joy than bringing the stories of others to life on the page. Let me be the writer that gives life to your story because, after all, words don’t just grow on trees.

-Lacey Middlestead

What people are saying...

“What I’ve liked best about working with Lacey is that I don’t have to do much work! Give her an assignment and she is able to work with clients quick, efficiently, beyond expectations! Through her research and expertly asked questions, she crafts thorough and (when needed) entertaining articles and stories. She has always been and will continue to be my ‘go to’ freelance writer.”     

Shawna Swanz - Advertising Sales Consultant

Helena Independent Record 

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